The Tower Hotel Aalst is located in the heart of Aalst, within walking distance of the shopping centre of Aalst, less than 10 minutes on foot from Aalst railway station easily accessible from the E40 Motorway.

Coming by train? 
Then walk into the street that leads straight to the station square. At the somewhat strange roundabout, go straight on into the Vrijheidstraat. The hotel is hidden behind a gate under number 62.

Coming by car?
Then take exit 19 from the E40, Aalst and follow the signs Aalst to the roundabout. There you take the second exit, into the street with the park on your right. Folow this street until the first lights and turn left. This road will swing to the right and left. Please keep going till the end where you have to choose for left or right. Attention as from this point the limit is 30 km per hour!

To your right you will see a bridge over the Dender, in front of you the townshall with its bright yellow and red panneling. Choose to go left. At the lights go straight on to the round about Esplanade plein; there you choose to take the 4th exit (straight on comming from your way). This exit brings you to the Vrijheidsraat.

The Tower Hotel Aalst is 200m further down the street on your left, right in front of the fire department.